PCBA Production (Electronics)

GRAH Automotive has established PCBA (Electronic) production in 2010. and since then we’ve been doing different parts to support Automotive and Non-automotive industry.

We are equipped and specialised for Surface Mount Technology and Through Hole Technology with the addition of highly skilled workers for the different types of hand assemblies and manipulation.

From the application side, our high-runners for the Automotive are focused on LED technology as we are producing many different electronic parts for tail lamps, brake lamps, third-brake lamps, headlights, blinkers, etc. We also have more complex products combining PCBA, motors and wire-harnesses.

In the Non-automotive segment, our biggest projects are for the home appliances (mixers and blenders) where we are using all of our skills and knowledge to produce complex PCBA combined of SMT, THT and hand assembly with a lot of custom-made components.

Our most complex electronics are produced for industrial measurement equipment where precision and quality is absolutely necessary.

Our machine park is filled with machines for axial and radial components and wave soldering. On the other hand, we have SMD lines with SPI and 3D AOI inline, with the addition of offline islands for AOI, PCB separation, ICT and functional testing. Highly specialised assembly lines are formed for different needs of assembling semi of finished products.


  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology)
  • THT (Through Hole Technology)
    • Axial Components
    • Radial Components
    • Hand Assembly Components
  • Reflow Soldering
  • Wave Soldering
  • SPI
  • 3D AOI
  • AOI
  • AOI2 (Automatic Optical + Functional Testing)
  • ICT
  • Programming
  • Functional Testers (Own Development)